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Esther Greenwood School for Girls

London, UK

making fanzines since the late '90s about cats and junk.

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making fanzines since the late '90s about cats and junk.

The Esther Greenwood School for Girls is about language and our use of it, old and new. It is about our history viewed as inherently queer, a succession of opinions about pop culture viewed through the lens of disidentification. Our curriculum focuses on the contrast of modernity and absurdity, our passion being that of history-as-narrative and the secular retelling of significant events in our school calendar. We are committed to the highest standards of excellence, and, should you chuse to join us within our impressive school grounds in a bubble universe circa 1915, we hope that you will be richly engaged with the manner of stories and irreverent reportage we excel at.

Producing a nameless school fanzine according to an erratic schedule, you will find our headmistress suffers from what might be termed "a Jewish work ethic," and is thus incapable of doing anything but writing ceaselessly. It may be said that we overproduce. You may regret this.

Please consider booking your place one of our open days and enrolling with us here. The school bell is ringing. If you rush you can still make the bus.